A Message from His Eminence

Dear Brothers and beloved children in the Lord, The grace of God, through ceaseless intercessions of the Mother of God Pantanassa, has abundantly blessed up until now the efforts and prayers not only of the Monks, but also of all men, women and children of our Church here, such that the Holy Monastery of Pantanassa which is being built in Mangrove NSW is structurally ‘complete’, yet only to the extent that you can see in the photographs and plans displayed for you.

Through today’s new appeal towards all, both near and far, I wish to underline in a fatherly spirit two simple truths:
A. That no one can doubt the absolute transparency and piety with which all opportunities and offerings of the faithful have been excellently utilised for such a demanding project
B. That the small yet constantly vigilant Brotherhood of the few enthusiastic Monks, guided by the radiant example of their Abbot and Father Archimandrite Stephanos, continues its struggle with admirable progress, and yet the road is still largely ‘uphill’!

We are all, therefore, called upon, as small ‘helpers of the Lord’, to support once again this sacred task, until its completion. And may the God of love and compassion grant to everyone according to their heart and needs, through the prayers of the Mother of God, Pantanassa.

With warmest thanks once again much fatherly love and fervent prayer.

Archbishop STYLIANOS
Primate of the Greek
Orthodox Church in Australia
September 12, 2008

A Message from Pantanassa Monastery

Our beloved brethren,

What has been achieved to date, in relation to the building of Pantanassa Monastery, is your achievement. A work of praise to God, a work of our Virgin Mary.
Now, with the special message of our Primate His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos of Australia, we invite you to come forward and assist with this new effort for completion of the construction of Pantanassa Monastery.
We ask for your prayers and financial support.

Our aim is: to build part of the monk’s living quarters, library, kitchen, refectory and other necessary amenities. Please offer your love and support also to this call so that the building program may continue.
The architectural drawings depicted, express the austerity and grace of the entire project, reflecting as a whole our centuries-old Orthodoxy.
The photos of the Catholicon (main church) depict it at “lock up stage” and reveal the very high quality of construction. We hope that with your support we will be able to complete this holy task.
Please assist us, as much as it is possible for you, and please also explain to others the need for their assistance.

Pantanassa Monastery

September 2008

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